Encouraging proficiency in the art and science of photography since 1962

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The South Australian Photographic Federation (SAPF) promotes the proficiency, art and science of photography for the community of photographers in South Australia. As an umbrella organisation of affiliated organisations we’ve been coordinating activities for beginner photographers, established amateurs and professionals since 1962.




Through the Lens: Seniors Card photographic competition and exhibition

Through the Lens is part of International Day of Older Persons celebrations. The competition and exhibition promote active ageing by celebrating the skills of older South Australians through the art of photography and demonstrate that people can learn and create at any age.

This slideshow celebrates the SAPF members who enjoyed great success in the competition.


Find a Camera Club

Almost everyone enjoys taking photographs. However if you want to develop your skills and take more satisfying photographs, joining a camera club is an excellent step. A club is also a good venue for meeting people who have the same interest and are prepared to grow through sharing their knowledge.

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As demand dictates, the SAPF conducts a range of relevant training courses. These include DSLR photography for beginners and introductory programmes for digital post processing including Photoshop and Lightroom .


The SAPF maintains a list of members who are available to speak to clubs and groups on a variety of subjects. Their services are available for club meetings, inter-club events, annual conferences, workshops etc.


The SAPF conducts judge training courses and maintains a list of judges so qualified. Affiliated clubs can access the list of judges and invite judges of their choice to judge club and inter-club competitions whether in the metropolitan area or country.

Forming a Club

Creating and running a club offers a proven means of stimulating improvement in technique through competition, exhibition, sharing and generally enhancing the enjoyment of photography by gathering together a group enthusiasts with the same interest.


Authorised members of affiliated clubs can access much of this information directly through the password protected Admin section by clicking the button.

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