Encouraging proficiency in the
art and science of photography since 1962

The South Australian Photographic Federation exists to encourage and promote amateur photography in South Australia. It is the umbrella organisation of affiliated clubs and groups throughout South Australia, coordinating the activities within the groups and thereby encouraging proficiency in the art and science of photography.

Beginners – come with an open mind and be inspired

Keen Amateurs – come, share and develop your love of photography

Professionals – come and share your skills and knowledge

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SAPF Upcoming Courses

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Find a club

Almost everyone enjoys taking photographs.  However if you want to develop your skills and take more satisfying photographs, joining a camera club is an excellent step. The club can also be a good venue for meeting people who share the same interest as yours.

Learning about photography

SAPF conducts courses in Beginners Photography and post processing including both Photoshop Basics and Lightroom Introductory programmes. Judging courses are also available.

Upcoming events

SAPF is committed in keeping its members informed about current exhibitions and photographic events, both internal and external, which may be  of interest to view, participate in or in other ways be of benefit to members.