SAPF 2018 Annual Exhibition - Awards

The results of the SAPF 2018 Annual Exhibition will be announced at the opening of the SAPF 2018 Annual Exhibition at the Hamra Centre on May 11th.  Images will remain on display at the Centre until the 20th May, then they will move on to the Myer Centre in the City from May 25th ~ June 3rd.

From Friday, 12th May the winners of Top Print/Image awards will also be on display in our Members Gallery.

Our Members Gallery - Opening soon!

Members of our affiliated clubs produce an astonishing variety of images, a few of which are featured in these pages. We hope that this will give an idea of what might be achieved by those developing a passion for the art and craft of photography. This often starts, or is nurtured through membership of a club. 

These pages also exist to offer stimulation and ideas for both budding and experienced photographers. Those with an interest in competition will also be able to get an idea of the current standards.   

Please note that the copyright of all images is held by the photographer and you are asked to respect this by not copying or distributing without specific permission.